GIOTTO AlmavivA powerful platform

based on OpenSource components and available on a on-premise model or in as-a-Service, enabling the implementation of IoT applications, by exploiting an already available Back-End system with fully integrated components (Advanced Analytics, Rules Engine, Message Broker, IAM).

Our offering

AlmavivA expertise and skills as a System Integrator are the basis for design, development and implementation of an exhaustive platform enabling device and application interoperation.

GIOTTO® platform can be hosted:

On premise


At Customer Data Centers.


Within Cloud environments made available at AlmavivA Data Centers.


Directly on Public Cloud.


Skills & Expertise

GIOTTO® is a constantly evolving platform: research, benchmarking, analyst surveys and market analysis enable a long-term vision for innovative solution design and implementation, ensuring safety and robustness also via means of continuous activities of Performance & Integration Testing, as well as VAPT on both the platform and single components.

Certified Quality

Designed and implemented according to Customer typologies, the platform can be used exhaustively throughout IT environments. As a matter of fact, GIOTTO® perfectly fits within the whole IoT landscape, but can also act as an integration and analysis tool within traditional Information Technology scenarios.

Cloud for Enterprise

The plaftorm is the result of long-lasting experience on EAI architectures, OpenSource technologies, critical infrastructure management, cross-industry IoT solution implementation, domestic and international research projects.
  • The platform consists of a set of universal and modular software components which can be arranged according to the characteristics of the scenario to implement
  • The platform features and integrates all software required to promptly develop and implement IoT projects and systems
  • The platform can connect to any network and platform present within an enterprise and operate with heterogeneous systems and Cloud Computing models
  • Any and all components can be used in different configurations and for the implementation of different solutions

Why AlmavivA?

AlmavivA is a System Integrator with a long-lasting experience on the implementation of cross-industry IoT solutions, operating on both commercial and OpenSource platforms.
Complex Systems
AlmavivA designs, implements and manages complex systems at an infrastructural/application level as well as at an on-premise or on a public/private/hybrid Cloud Computing model.
AlmavivA can support Customers throughout the whole lifecycle process of data transformation within an IoT system, from on-field event collection to digital knowledge acquisition required to implement Decision Support Systems, via means of Data Stream Processing, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, System Integration, InfoMobility&Mobile, Dashboards, constantly and carefully addressing safety & security, privacy and data quality.


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